Software Development

Microinnovative is a distinguished IT company specializing on the provision of quality outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing is our main business focus. Our software developers also provide outstanding Knowledge Process Outsourcing systems and solutions. Our software development services are primarily aimed to help small and medium-sized businesses to realize the existing and emerging outsourcing advantages to the fullest. Our software development company offers a wide range of quality IT services which include but are not limited to Accounting and Finance, Back Office, IT Outsourcing and Contact Center Support, Healthcare Services and Research.

We have vast experiences working in more than one industry. Our software application development expertise extends to cover the following domains: Financial Services, Healthcare Services, Research and Social Media, Technology and others. By working with our talented software development experts and using our services, businesses can successfully reduce their costs and expand their operational efficiencies. Each and every software developer in our company is strongly dedicated to his/her cost-reduction tasks. We assist businesses in their quality improvement strategies, strategies that eventually translate into increased scalability, enhanced effectiveness and efficiency, and better financial and market decision making speed. Instead of being worried about your custom software development, you can finally focus on your strategic priorities. Meanwhile, we will be using our flexible approach to bring your outsourcing solutions to the desired end. We have been successfully operating for many years, and our main office is currently located in Canada, which is considered as one of the most advanced technological centers in the world.


We can now tell you why our offshore software development can facilitate the development of your competitive advantage.

1: We are leaders in BPO, and our unmatched commitment to continuous improvement is difficult to underestimate.
2: We have been Business Partner of IBM, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Small businesses that are incapable of investing huge resources in business process improvements can benefit from our quality certification commitments.
3: Small and medium-sized businesses are our chief targets: we are ready to deliver personalized software development expertise.
4: With Microinnovative, outsourcing becomes easy and convenient, as we are capable of meeting the most sophisticated requirements.
5: We have managed to find an ideal balance of cost and unmatched quality, mainly due to considerable investments in business models and infrastructure.
6: We have a team of talented leaders, who are creative and inspired to move our clients towards infinite success.